Paperless Customs Documents

RocketShipIt is capable of producing international paperless customs documentation.



  1. The Sold To country must be the same as the Ship To country.
  2. Your must have a paperless invoice contract and be set up in UPS back end systems. (The UPS Account Manager should set this up.)
  3. The shipment is a non-document package forward shipment requiring a commercial invoice.
  4. The destination country is a valid paperless invoice destination.

If the above conditions have been met an EDI (paperless invoice) or EDI PULL (paperless invoice and additional export document indicator) will appear on the bottom right corner of the label which is returned in the ShipAcceptResponse XML. This indicates that Paperless Invoicing has been requested.



// Shows every possible parameter some may not be required
// depending on the documents you need. See comments below.
$shipment = new \RocketShipIt\Shipment('UPS');

$shipment->setParameter('shipPhone', '17077262676');
$shipment->setParameter('service', '65');

// To address
$shipment->setParameter('toCompany', 'Australia Zoo');
$shipment->setParameter('toName', 'Mark Sanborn');
$shipment->setParameter('toAttentionName', 'Mark Sanborn');
$shipment->setParameter('toPhone', '17077262676');
$shipment->setParameter('toAddr1', '1638 Steve Irwin Way');
$shipment->setParameter('toCity', 'Beerwah');
$shipment->setParameter('toCode', '4519');
$shipment->setParameter('toCountry', 'AU');

// Commercial Invoice number assigned by the exporter
$shipment->setParameter('invoice', '12345');

// Date when the Invoice is created. Ideally this is the same as the ship date.
// Applies to Invoice and Partial Invoice forms only.
// Optional for Partial Invoice. Required for Invoice form for forward shipments.
$shipment->setParameter('invoiceDate', '20120702');

// The person or company who imports and pays any duties due on the current shipment.
// Applies to Invoice and NAFTA CO Forms.
// Required if Invoice or NAFTA CO is requested
$shipment->setParameter('soldCompany', 'RocketShipIt');
$shipment->setParameter('soldName', 'Mark Sanborn');
$shipment->setParameter('soldTaxId', '803070713RT0001');
$shipment->setParameter('soldPhone', '7077262676');
$shipment->setParameter('soldAddr1', '60 Healey Road');
$shipment->setParameter('soldAddr2', 'Unit 2');
$shipment->setParameter('soldCity', 'Bolton');
$shipment->setParameter('soldState', 'ON');
$shipment->setParameter('soldCode', 'L7E5A5');
$shipment->setParameter('soldCountry', 'CA');

$package = new \RocketShipIt\Package('UPS');

$customs = new \RocketShipIt\Customs('ups');
$customs->setParameter('invoiceLineNumber', '1');
// SKU, Part number, item id
$customs->setParameter('invoiceLinePartNumber', '123');
$customs->setParameter('invoiceLineDescription', '9 mm steel screws');
$customs->setParameter('invoiceLineValue', '1');
$customs->setParameter('invoiceLineOriginCountryCode', 'CN');
$customs->setParameter('numberOfPackagesPerCommodity', '1');

// 6-to-15-alphanumeric commodity code.
// Customs uses this code to determine what duties should be
// assessed on the commodity.
$customs->setParameter('commodityCode', '123456');

// For each good described in the Description of Goods field,
// where the good is subject to a regional value content (RVC)
// requirement, indicate NC if the RVC is calculated according
// to the net cost method; otherwise, indicate NO.
$customs->setParameter('netCostCode', 'NO');

// Indicates the criterion (A through F) for each good described
// in the Description of Goods field if applicable. The rules of
// origin are contained in Chapter Four and Annex 401. Additional
// rules are described in Annex 703.2 (certain agricultural goods)
// Annex 300-B, Appendix 6 (certain textile goods) and Annex 308.1
// (certain automatic data processing goods and their parts).
$customs->setParameter('preferenceCriteria', 'A');

// Indicate the following:
// Yes - If shipper is the producer of the good.
// If not, state 02, 03, and 04 depending on whether this certificate
// was based upon:
// No[1] - Knowledge of whether the good qualifies as an originating good.
// No[2] - Reliance on the producers written representation (other than a Certificate of Origin)
// that the good qualifies as an originating good.
// No[3] - A completed and signed Certificate for the good voluntarily
// provided to the exporter by the producer.
$customs->setParameter('producerInfo', 'Yes');

// Applies to SED and EEI forms only.
// Required for SED and EEI for
// Possible Values: D: Domestic, F: Foreign.
$customs->setParameter('exportType', 'F');

// Weight of product line number
$customs->setParameter('weight', '10');

// Applies to SED and EEI forms only. Has to be 10 characters.
$customs->setParameter('scheduleBNumber', '1234567890');

// The count of how many Schedule B units of the current good are in the shipment
$customs->setParameter('scheduleBQty', '1');

// Applies to SED and EEI forms only.
// Required for the SED and EEI form.
$customs->setParameter('scheduleBUnitCode', 'PCS');

// Applies to Invoice and partial invoice forms and is required.
$customs->setParameter('unitCode', 'EA');

// Package number the product should be allocated to on the packing list
$customs->setParameter('packageNumber', '1');

// Amount of Product associated with a package
$customs->setParameter('productAmount', '1');

// Applies to SED and EEI forms only
// Required for SED and EEI form.
$customs->setParameter('sedTotalValue', '20.00');


// Conditionally required if SED form (International forms) is requested
// and ship From is not mentioned.
$shipment->setParameter('taxId', '123');

// Type of customsForms documents:
// Note: You can currently request multiple comma separated
$shipment->setParameter('customsForms', '01');

// Applies to CO, EEI and SED forms only.
// Required for CO, EEI and SED forms. Format is YYYYMMDD
$shipment->setParameter('exportDate', date('Ymd'));
$shipment->setParameter('exportingCarrier', 'Some Carrier');

// Applies to SED and EEI forms only.
// Required for SED and EEI forms.
$shipment->setParameter('inBondCode', '70');

// Contains one of the following The two-digit U.S. Postal Service abbreviation
// for the state from which the goods were shipped to the port of export.
// The state that is the source for the good with the highest value. The state
// of consolidation. The Foreign Trade Zone number of the zone from where the
// exports are leaving. If the goods were shipped from Puerto Rico, enter PR.
$shipment->setParameter('pointOfOrigin', 'CA');

// Mode of transport by which the goods are exported.
$shipment->setParameter('modeOfTransport', 'Air');

// Information about parties to transaction. Use Related, if the parties to the
// transaction are related. A related party is an export from a U.S. businessperson
// or business to a foreign business or from a U.S. business to a foreign person or
// business where the person has at least 10 percent of the voting shares of the
// business during the fiscal year. If unincorporated, then an equivalent interest
// in the business.
// Values:
// R - Related
// N - Non-Related
$shipment->setParameter('partiesToTransaction', 'R');

// SED Forms only
// The license number that authorizes ship product.
$shipment->setParameter('licenseNumber', '123');
// Format YYYYMMDD
$shipment->setParameter('licenseDate', '20140203');

// Applicable for SED and EEI form only. Required when the form requested is SED.
// The ultimate consignee is the person or company who receives the goods
// for end-use or the person or company listed on the export license.
// This is the end-user of the goods.
$shipment->setParameter('consigneeName', 'John Doe');
$shipment->setParameter('consigneeAddr1', '123 Main St');
$shipment->setParameter('consigneeCity', 'Whatever');
$shipment->setParameter('consigneeCountry', 'AU');

// Information of the producer. The NAFTA Certificate of Origin must be completed,
// signed, and dated by the exporter. When the Certificate is completed by the
// producer for use by the exporter, it must be completed, signed, and dated by the producer.
$shipment->setParameter('producerName', 'John Doe');
$shipment->setParameter('producerAddr1', '123 Main St');
$shipment->setParameter('producerCity', 'Whatever');
$shipment->setParameter('producerState', 'CA');
$shipment->setParameter('producerCountry', 'US');

// Applies to NAFTA CO form only.
// Required for NAFTA CO. This is not valid for a paperless shipment.
// Begin date of the blanket period. It is the date upon which the Certificate becomes
// applicable to the good covered by the blanket Certificate
// (it may be prior to the date of signing this Certificate)
$shipment->setParameter('blanketBeginDate', '20140203');
$shipment->setParameter('blanketEndDate', '20140203');

// Reason to export the current international shipment.
$shipment->setParameter('reasonForExport', 'SALE');

// Specify freight related charges for invoice documents
$shipment->setParameter('freightCharges', '200.20');

$response = $shipment->submitShipment();


For shipment with return service, 01 or 05 are the only valid value. Note: 01 and 05 are mutually exclusive and 05 is only valid for return shipments only.

Value Description
01 Invoice
02 SED
03 CO
05 Partial Invoice
06 Packinglist
07 Customer Generated Forms
08 Air Freight Packing List
09 CN22 Forms


  • Air
  • AirContainerized
  • Auto
  • FixedTransportInstallati ons
  • Mail
  • PassengerHandcarried
  • Pedestrian
  • Rail
  • RailContainerized
  • RoadOther
  • SeaBarge
  • SeaContainerized
  • SeaNoncontainerized
  • Truck
  • TruckContainerized


Value Description
BBL Barrels
CAR Carat
CKG Content Kilogram
CM2 Square Centimeters
CTN Content Ton
CUR Curie
CYK Clean Yield Kilogram
DOZ Dozen
DPC Dozen Pieces
DPR Dozen Pairs
FBM Fiber Meter
GCN Gross Containers
GM Gram
GRS Gross
HUN Hundred
KG Kilogram
KM3 1,00 Cubic Meters
KTS Kilogram Total Sugars
L Liter
M Meter
M2 Square Meters
M3 Cubic Meters
MC Millicurie
NO Number
PCS Pieces
PFL Proof Liter
PK Pack
PRS Pairs
RBA Running Bales
SQ Square
T Ton
THS 1,000
X No Quantity required


Value Description
BA Barrel
BE Bundle
BG Bag
BH Bunch
BT Bolt
BU Butt
CI Canister
CM Centimeter
CON Container
CR Crate
CS Case
CT Carton
CY Cylinder
DOZ Dozen
EA Each
EN Envelope
FT Feet
KG Kilogram
KGS Kilograms
LB Pound
LBS Pounds
L Liter
M Meter
NMB Number
PA Packet
PAL Pallet
PC Piece
PCS Pieces
PF Proof Liters
PKG Package
PR Pair
PRS Pairs
RL Roll
SME Square Meters
SYD Square Yards
TU Tube
YD Yard
OTH Other


Valid values for EEI are: 70: Not in bond; 67: IE from a FTZ; 68: T&E from a FTZ;

Value Description
70 Not in bond
36 Warehouse withdrawal for IE
37 Warehouse withdrawal for TandE
62 TandE
63 IE
67 IE from a FTZ
68 T and E from a FTZ.


  • SALE
  • GIFT