Creating a USPS Scan Form


Here is an example:

$stamps = new \RocketShipIt\ScanForm('STAMPS');
$stamps->setParameter('imageType', 'Pdf');
$stamps->setParameter('shipDate', '2014-11-18');
$response = $stamps->create();

Example Response


stdClass Object
    [Authenticator] => exp=0416711449&uid=2731972&cty=swsim&ctk=wsu/m2kczYKJySH/wRsG5aeeruE=&iid=g9494blZRUuaUT+DAW/Ygw==&rsid=0&irsid=3&eac=0&eacx=0&eac3=0&rrsid=0&raid=0&resellerid=1&pexp=0&pl=&ast=1&ipaddr=
    [ScanFormId] => 9475711201080899780461
    [Url] =>


Value Description
shipDate When shipmentIdentification is not set all available labels not cancelled from specified ShipDate are included.
imageType Pdf - The only available option at this time
printInstructions If true instruction page is generated
shipmentIdentification Array of shipmentIDs to include on Scan Form – include if shipDate is not present