Do I need to send end of day report to the carrier?

Nope. All transactions are done in real time over the internet. The carrier knows about your shipment immediately.

How do I toggle development/production mode at runtime?

Set the testing mode before executing the request:

$shipment->setParameter('debugMode', false);

How do I print a UPS “End of Day” or PLD report like in UPS Worldship?

When you generate UPS labels through RocketShipIt, there is no need to provide an “End of Day” report to your UPS driver.

All shipment information is sent to UPS (through their API) when each label is generated. The bottom right-hand corner of each UPS label includes a package icon which indicates that the package has been pre-scanned. Drivers are not required to scan each package individually.

Do UPS/FedEx GIF images only come back in one size?

Yes, they are returned from UPS/FedEx in a fairly large size. You can resize via CSS or through other image processing means. Make sure not to loose too much quality when resizing as it may make the barcode unreadable.

Failure cod. 250003: Invalid Access License number

Your XML access key is not valid for the server. Double check it and make sure you have production access to the UPS address validation API.

ShipFrom Address Line 2 is not showing up on the label

According to the UPS manual: “Only AddressLine1 is printed for ShipFromAddress on the label. Address Line 1, 2 and 3 will be printed on the label for the ShipTo Address if provided in the request.”

Error confirming shipment: The selected service is not available from the origin to the destination. (121210)

This error means that the selected service you are using is not available to/from the addresses you have provided. As an example if you try to ship UPS ground to Hawaii you might get this message.

Solution: Change the service type or use the getAllRates() function to determine which services are available for that address.

FedEx: Error confirming shipment: 1000 (General Failure)

Sometimes the FedEx development server will issue a general error. It usually is something on their side and not something with your parameters or RocketShipIt.

Why am I am getting, “Authentication Failed” responses

With FedEx you are given two sets of key/password/meter/account credentials. One set is for development mode and one for production. If you use the development credentials in production or vice versa it will throw authentication errors. You can switch RocketShipIt in and out of development mode by setting debugMode in your config.php file.

If you are still having trouble double check all values from FedEx. If necessary you can have FedEx generate a new set of credentials.

For FedEx, if you are using the following services you also need to make sure you have access to Advanced Services which requires a short certification process:

  • Labels / Create Shipments
  • Address Validation
  • Pickup Services
  • Email Label
  • Return Tags
  • FedEx Express Tag Availability
  • Close Service
  • Upload Document Service

You can start this process in the FedEx Developer Resource center by clicking the Move to Production link.

Error confirming shipment: Address Validation Error on ShipFrom address (120803)

The reason for this message is that verifyAddress is enabled by default. This verifies the address before the label is generated. If the address is marked as invalid by UPS and verifyAddress is enabled you will get this message.

To disable address validation on label generation you can set this in your config.php:

// Make sure addresses are valid before label creation
// validate, nonvalidate
$a['verifyAddress'] = 'nonvalidate';


$shipment->setParameter('verifyAddress', 'nonvalidate');

How do I use Stamps.com testing environment?

RocketShipIt is a partner of Stamps.com and has been given production access given our integration ID. This means you don’t have to go through their certification program, get your IP address whitelisted, or apply to their developer program. All you need to do is put in your live Stamps.com credentials into RocketShipIt and you are up and running.

Stamps.com’s production API server has a flag when creating a label which allows us to create sample labels through their production servers. They are not charged to your account and read SAMPLE across the top when RocketShipIt is in debugMode.

I am getting an Invalid RequestOption error message

Make sure to set the verifyAddress parameter in your config.php or using the setPrameter() method. You can use validate or nonvalidate.

Use of undefined constant WSDL_CACHE_NONE - assumed ‘WSDL_CACHE_NONE’

FedEx General Failure

I am getting an “Invalid Ground shipper number” message

Try setting carrierCode to FDXE

What are the default units for Fedex, USPS and Canada Post for weight and length?

The default is LBS for FedEx and USPS if shipping from the US. FedEx requires you to use dimensions for the originating country and will throw an error if you use KGS in the US for example. Canada Post weight is always in kilograms.

How will I be able to test things out in “sandbox mode” without being billed for labels generated?

Make sure your debugMode parameter is set to 1 or true in your config.php.

All carriers are different but with Stamps.com RocketShipIt is always in production mode connecting to the real Stamps.com API servers. When RocketShipIt is in debugMode it will send a “test” parameter when creating a shipment which creates a sample label. You can tell this label is a sample as the label will have the word SAMPLE written across it. You will not be charged for this label. As soon as you toggle debugMode to 0 you will start being charged per label generated.

UPS and FedEx both charge your account only when the label is used.

Can I use a single printer for all labels? A dymo to be specific. Or any one thermal printer.

Yes, for thermal printing you can use any printer that supports ZPL/EPL which should be 99% of all thermal printers. Dymo printers work great as long as it can print in a standard shipping label size like 4x6 or 4x8.

Do you offer a free trial period?

Not at this time, but you can check out some example request/responses in our docs at: https://docs.rocketship.it/php/1-0/ We also offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Does RocketShipIt require me to open accounts with the carriers?

Since RocketShipIt connects directly with your carrier API credentials and shipper account number you will need to open an account with each carrier if you don’t currently have one.

Do you provide shipping from any country to any country, or is it shipping only from USA?

We support any country that the carrier supports through their API which includes over 90% of the countries in the world. Please check with your shipping carrier to see if your country is supported.