Creating Future Shipments


Future day shipping is considered a special service. Additional charges may apply, check with your FedEx representitive.

The shipDate parameter must be included in the Ship request. For future day shipping, the following parameters apply:

  • For Express shipping, entry must be less than or equal to 10 days in the future.
  • For Express freight, entry must be less than or equal to 5 days in the future.

The date format must be YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS-xx:xx. The time must be in the format: HH:MM:SS using a 24-hour clock. The date and time are separated by the letter T (e.g., 2009-06- 26T17:00:00). The UTC offset indicates the number of hours minutes (e.g. xx:xx) from UTC (e.g., 2009-06-26T17:00:00-04:00 is defined as June 26, 2009 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time).


$shipment = new \RocketShipIt\Shipment('fedex');

$shipment->setParameter('futureDay', 'YES');
$shipment->setParameter('shipDate', '2011-08-25T14:31:07-06:00'); // FedEx uses ISO8601 style timestamps

$shipment->setParameter('toCompany', 'John Doe');
$shipment->setParameter('toName', 'John Doe');
$shipment->setParameter('toPhone', '1231231234');
$shipment->setParameter('toAddr1', '111 W Legion');
$shipment->setParameter('toCity', 'Whitehall');
$shipment->setParameter('toState', 'MT');
$shipment->setParameter('toCode', '59759');

$shipment->setParameter('length', '5');
$shipment->setParameter('width', '5');
$shipment->setParameter('height', '5');

$response = $shipment->submitShipment();