Working With Addons

By default, USPS will return all available addons with each rate to show the user which addons are available. RocketShipIt comes with a few helpers to make selecting addons easier.

$rate->filterAddons($rate, array $addonsToFilter)

Filters out only selected addons

  • $rate (object) – Rate object from
  • $addonsToFilter (array) – List of addons

Original rate object with addons removed

$rate->isAddonsCompatible($rate, array $addons)

Checks if selected addons meet USPS requirements, for example US-A-DC and US-A-SC cannot be used together.

  • $rate (object) – Rate object from
  • $addons (array) – List of addons



$shipment = new \RocketShipIt\Shipment('STAMPS');
$shipment->setParameter('toCompany', 'RocketShipIt');
$shipment->setParameter('toName', 'John Doe');
$shipment->setParameter('toAddr1', '111 W Legion');
$shipment->setParameter('toCity', 'Whitehall');
$shipment->setParameter('toState', 'MT');
$shipment->setParameter('toCode', '59759');
$shipment->setParameter('referenceValue', '123adsf');

$rate = new \RocketShipIt\Rate('STAMPS');
$rate->setParameter('toCode', '59759');
$rate->setParameter('weight', '5');
$rate->setParameter('service', 'US-MM');
$rate->setParameter('packagingType', 'Package');
$package = $rate->getRate();

if (!$rate->inherited->isAddonsCompatible($package, array('US-A-DC')) {
    // Handle cases where addons are not compatible
// Remove all addons except delivery confirmation
$rate->inherited->filterAddons($package, array('US-A-DC'));

$shipment->setParameter('toCode', $package->ToZIPCode);

$response = $shipment->submitShipment();

USPS Addon Services

Value Description
SC-A-HP Hidden Postage
SC-A-INS Insurance
SC-A-INSRM Insurance for Registered Mail
US-A-CM USPS Certified Mail
US-A-COD USPS Collect on Delivery
US-A-COM USPS Certificate of Mailing. Currently unsupported.
US-A-DC Include Delivery Confirmation service. Charges may apply.
US-A-ESH Guaranteed Express Mail delivery on a Sunday or holiday, incurring an additional fee.
US-A-INS USPS Insurance. Currently unsupported.
US-A-NDW Instruct the USPS not to attempt Express Mail delivery on a Saturday (formerly weekend) when a business may be closed.
US-A-SC Include Signature Confirmation service.
US-A-WDS Express Mail item can be delivered without obtaining a signature.
US-A-NDW Express Mail item cannot be delivered on Saturdays.
US-A-ESH Express Mail item will be delivered on Sunday or Holiday.
US-A-RRE Electronic Return Receipt (ERR) is a USPS Extra Service that includes Signature proof of delivery.