Tracking Shipments

Track By Tracking Number


Sample UPS request:

$t = new \RocketShipIt\Track('UPS');
$response = $t->track('1Z12345E0291980793');


Sample FedEx request:

$t = new \RocketShipIt\Track('FedEx');
$response = $t->track('122816215025810');


Sample USPS request:

$t = new \RocketShipIt\Track('USPS');
$response = $t->track('1Z12345E0291980793');


Sample request:

$t = new \RocketShipIt\Track('Stamps');
$response = $t->track('9400110200881062271234');


Sample DHL request:

$t = new \RocketShipIt\Track('DHL');
$response = $t->track('7070000000');

Canada Post

Sample Canada Post request:

$t = new \RocketShipIt\Track('Canada');
$response = $t->track('1371134583769923');

Track By Reference Number



When creating shipments your UPS username is tied to the shipment NOT your UPS account number. If you are developing a solution for a client make sure to use the same username as the one they use to track packages online on the UPS website.

Sample UPS request:

$t = new \RocketShipIt\Track('UPS');
$response = $t->trackByReference('211172');


Sample FedEx request:

$t = new \RocketShipIt\Track('FedEx');
$t->setParameter('trackingIdType', 'CUSTOMER_REFERENCE');
$response = $t->track('211172');

UPS Mail Innovation


$t = new \RocketShipIt\Track('UPS');
$t->setParameter('trackingOption', '03'); //required for UPS Mail Innovations
$response = $t->track('YOURTRACKINGNO');

Test Tracking Numbers


Tracking Number Service Response
1Z12345E0291980793 2nd Day Air Delivered
1Z12345E6692804405 World Wide Express Delivered
1Z12345E0390515214 Ground Delivered
1Z12345E0393657226 Ground Delivered
1Z12345E1392654435 Next Day Air Transit
1Z12345E6892410845 Next Day 2nd 2nd Delivery attempt
1Z12345E029198079 None Invalid Tracking number
1Z12345E1591910450 None No Tracking info available
990728071 UPS Freight LTL Delivered
3251026119 None Delivered Origin CFS


Tracking Number Response
449044304137821 Shipment information sent to FedEx
149331877648230 Tendered
020207021381215 Picked Up
403934084723025 Arrived at FedEx location
920241085725456 At local FedEx facility
568838414941 At destination sort facility
039813852990618 Departed FedEx location
231300687629630 On FedEx vehicle for delivery
797806677146 International shipment release
377101283611590 Customer not available or business closed
852426136339213 Local Delivery Restriction
797615467620 Incorrect Address
957794015041323 Unable to Deliver
076288115212522 Returned to Sender/Shipper
581190049992 International Clearance delay
122816215025810 Delivered
843119172384577 Hold at Location
070358180009382 Shipment Canceled

StatusType Codes


StatusType Description
I In Transit
D Delivered
X Exception
P Pickup
M Manifest Pickup for Mail Innovations

From the UPS Manual: Only D, I, M, P and X are applicable.


StatusType Description
PF Plane in Flight
AA At Airport
PL Plane Landed
AC At Canada Post facility
PM In Progress
AD At Delivery
PU Picked Up
AF At FedEx Facility
PX Picked up (see Details)
AP At Pickup
RR CDO requested
AR Arrived at
RM CDO Modified
AX At USPS facility
RC CDO Cancelled
CA Shipment Cancelled
RS Return to Shipper
CH Location Changed
RP Return label link emailed to return sender
DD Delivery Delay
LP Return label link cancelled by shipment originator
DE Delivery Exception
RG Return label link expiring soon
DL Delivered
RD Return label link expired
DP Departed
SE Shipment Exception
DR Vehicle furnished but not used
SF At Sort Facility
DS Vehicle Dispatched
SP Split Status
DY Delay
TR Transfer
EA Enroute to Airport
ED Enroute to Delivery
CC Cleared Customs
EO Enroute to Origin Airport
CD Clearance Delay
EP Enroute to Pickup
CP Clearance in Progress
IP In FedEx Possession
OC Shipment information sent to FedEx